The Club Tour

In early September every year the club goes on tour for a long weekend usually commencing on a Friday and ending on the following Monday.

Our tours have become very popular over the years with both players and their partners.

2016 Tour to Bournemouth

The club tour in 2016 was to Bournemouth with accommodation at the Arlington hotel in the town overlooking a park. The Club President, Margaret Marlow oversaw the arrangements for this years tour which included the matches, breakfast, evening meals and entertainment. Matches were arranged with local clubs: Argyll Bowling Club, Pelham Bowling Club and Southbourne Bowling Club. The weather was kind to us and we were pleased to come away from a most enjoyable weekend having won all three of our matches.

We were entertained on the Saturday night by local vocalist Annie, who, apart from having a very good voice was able to get us all to join in a sing along and strut our stuff on the dance floor.

Sunday night after the formal dinner saw the Presidents charity receive £260 raised from fines for player misdemeanours through the year. This is always great fun to take part in with our usual double act of Robert Bellairs (The Judge) and Chris Cunnington (Judges Clerk) reading out the offences and collecting the fines.

We will be returning to Bournemouth next year, so, if you wish to come on this fun weekend, please put your names on the list on the notice board in the club house.