Bowls Coaching

If you join, a six week coaching course is included in your membership. Coaching is provided by our own qualified instructors and is available to all full & junior members. To book a coaching session, please contact any of our certified coaches who will be pleased to assist you. Their telephone numbers can be found in the current fixture list booklet.

The Club has six Level 1 coaches certified by Northamptonshire Bowls Coaching Association and Bowls England, who are available to club members. They are Molly Bostock, Chris Cunnington, Kevin Dexter, Margaret Kane and David Walker.

The Coaching Sessions

Session 1

  1. Brief Introduction/ Health and Safety
  2. Stance on the mat
  3. Gripping and casting the jack
  4. Bowls selection and natural grip
  5. Explain bias
  6. Angle of feet on the mat
  7. Bowling forehand/backhand
  8. Line, grass and green
  9. Natural point of aim
  10. Explain shoulder
  11. White marker to bowl to for line
  12. Any Questions over a cup of tea or a drink from the bar

Session 2/3

  1. Recap
  2. Casting the jack
  3. Drawing bowls forehand/backhand
  4. Minimum jack length
  5. Three jacks at different lengthsv
  6. Bowl 30cm from jack
  7. Types of shot including draw, resting, trailing jack, fire drive
  8. Explain toucher on green/in ditch
  9. Mat placement
  10. Positioning the jack
  11. Play four bowls in pairs
  12. Any questions over a cup of tea or a drink from the bar

Session 4

  1. Recap of practical exercises
  2. Duties of rinks player
  3. Scoring
  4. Measuring
  5. Fours with all players rotating
  6. Etiquette (as a handout) with questions session over a cup of tea or a drink from the bar

Coaching Video