OBC Short Mat Rose Bowl match

This year’s Rose Bowl on Friday 8th March had a different format from past events, so instead of four to a team we played triples over three ends, with the closest to the jack winning the end and the remaining bowls not counting towards the score.

On the night we had nine teams entered from across all five of playing days. The  evening began at six and competitors were split into two pools and played on either mat 1 or mat 2. The winners on these mats then played a four-end match to decide the championship winning team.

The winners on mat 1 were Roy King, Trevor Valentine and Angie Newell and they played against Simon Bierton, Michael Hamill and David German. The eventual winners of the Rose Bowl were Simon’s team, so well done to them and a big than you to everyone who came along. Many thanks also to Angie Newell for stepping in for Douglas Best who struggled towards the end of the evening

As is traditional for this event all participants brought along a selection of snacks to be shared amongst those playing

This was my first time involved in organising this event and my thanks to everyone who helped make it a success. Looking forward to an even better Rose Bowl in 2025.

John Gouldson