OBC Competition Finals

As usual, our finals were played on the first weekend in September. We were blessed with warm sunshine all weekend which made for an enjoyable two days of competitive play. Here is the full list of results:-

Johnson Mason Cup

Winners: Joyce Thorpe, Chris Cunnington

Runners Up: Carol Webb John Lilley

Mixed Pairs

Winners: Margaret Walker, Phil Mildon

Runners Up: Liz Clayton, Paul Pearson

Men’s Handicap

Winners: Kevin Dexter

Runner Up: Andy Burrows

Fray Shield

Winner: Joyce Thorpe

Runner Up: Liz Clayton

Christian Wing

Winner: Hazel Turner

Runner Up: Julie Wells

Mixed Triples

Winners: Paul Pearson, Jane Dexter, Andy Burrows

Runners Up: Carol Webb, John Lilley, John Gouldson

Ladies Garner Pairs

Winners: Dawn Saunders, Jane Dexter

Runners Up: Julie Wells, Margaret Walker

Men’s Pairs

Winners: John Hewitt, Andy Burrows

Runners Up: David Bland, Phil Mildon

Men’s Pulley Cup

Winner: John Lofthouse

Runner Up: David Walker

Elsie Doris

Winner: Joyce Thorpe

Runner Up: Julie Wells

Men’s Garner

Winner: Chris Cunnington

Runner Up: Andy Burrows

Ladies Challenge Cup

Winner: Dawn Saunders

Runner Up: Mary Hull

Men’s Challenge Cup

Winner: Jim Mackay

Runner Up: Michael Daking